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Advertising Art

Look! It's Urban Light!Museums, along with every other institution, are taking a hit in these straitened times; or so I dimly gather from Tweets, weblogs and half-read newspaper articles. Museum investments (the interest on which keeps the Monets on the wall) have taken a hit. Donors, too, having taken hits themselves, are not donating at those gracious levels that make curators do their little victory dances after successful fundraisers. Worst of all, economic distress has resulted in museum employees being layed off.

All tough news. I don’t know what I’d do without art museums. Schmooz tycoons? The section in my Rolodex where I list all the wealthy art-collectors  who I can drop in on for a bit of cultural uplift is pretty thin. Empty actually.

The Dürer bug scares me.So I was pleased to see these clever ads for two of my art-gawking mainstays: the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and The Getty Art Museum. I fervently hope the ads return whatever they cost with a stampede of new art-hungry visitors and museum gift shop spenders.

These particular posters which I spent long minutes studying — I assume there are others placed strategically around the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area — curve about one side of cylindrical advertising pillars, sharing space with notices about new movies and places to make one’s skin silky smooth. The pillars themselves stand in the Calabasas Commons, a somewhat upscale mall where women shop for overpriced clothing while their bored husbands stand around abjectly on the sidewalk taking pictures of pillars with ads for local art museums.

May the notices call as strongly to the monied hordes as they called to me.


Celebrating Urban Light

No, not Saturn, but one of the Urban Light lamps, plus a moon.We found our complimentary print copy of LACMA‘s Celebrating Urban Light waiting for us upon our driveway today. Our joy was audible. You, reader, unless you are one of the chosen few whose cunning snaps of Chris Burden’s Urban Light art thing can be found between the covers of this fine volume, will have to pay for your print copy.

You can do just that here: BUY ME A ART BOOK. A barrel of monkeys pales besides the cornucopia that is this fine publication. Only consider the contents: Essays, poetry, a revealing interview with the reclusive Mr. Burden himself, to say nothing of all those who-woulda-thunk-it angles managed by the indefatigible Urban Light photographers including young Mlle. NiceWork.The lad shouted joyously as he capered.

Urban Light Book

The running child's name is Cy.We were thrilled to learn from the Los Angeles County Art Museum that Lizzie’s photo of the kid running through Urban Light — the wonderful installation by Chris Burden — was one of those selected to grace LACMA‘s book about that useful artwork.

The honor is spread among one hundred fifty or so other entrants, yet honor it remains. You may look at the online version of the book HERE. Lizzie’s fine photo, you will see, gets a certain alphabetical advantage.

You may want to own your own copy of the book, one printed on paper and giving tactile as well as visual pleasure. Very well. You shall be satisfied. Go HERE to place your order. A second copy would make a fine Saint Patrick’s Day gift.

If all you care to do is see a larger version of the photo on my Flikr page — never mind the tactile pleasure — that too is easily done: Click on the photo illustrating this post.

Rosey-fingered Dawn, acrylic on canvas board, 2009Commercial Break: Daughtergirl, flush with her LACMA success, now offers her artwork for sale through good old Etsy.

You may view a larger reproduction of this fine deKooningesque figural study HERE. Or you can click on the thumbnail image.