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Every Earth Day Day

Topanga has its vey own private solar orbit.Our neighbors high in the valleys of Topanga have a motto, “Every Earth Day Day.” Nobody knows what they mean by that ringing affirmation (or is it an imprecation?), but that’s okay; we love our Topangish neighbors and support them 100%.

One possible interpretation of the slogan “Every Earth Day Day” is as an instruction to look to the eastern skies in this our northern hemisphere (my personal favorite) and squint for the Comet Lulin. All this squinting is best done after dark, needless to say (a phrase which is, ironically, always needless to say). Better still if you do your sky-squinting sometime after 9pm. Bring along some binocs or a telescope. The Comet Lulin is no Comet Kahoutek. It requires amplification.

You can find the astral visitor by following the instructions ON THE WEBSITE YOU SUMMONS BY CLICKING THESE WORDS. Or, just go look for Saturn a-wanderin’ in the sky — it’s the brightest light to the east (and a teensy bit south); also the orangest one. The very faint 5th magnitude green smudge to the left right of Saturn and a short FTL rocket trip above it — Hey! That’s Comet Lulin!