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When You Care Enough to Send the Anapest

Goodnight, Mrs Calabasas, wherever you are.

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and grocers grew fey,
As they set out their produce in cheery display
In which veggies foreshadow the Birth of the Lord
With a Rudolph the Red-Nosed made out of a gourd,
It was captured by Mrs N. Work with her phone
As she shopped for potatoes and fresh provolone,
And repurposed to say have a most Happy New
Year, and Merriest Christmas. Yours, Nice W.


Tiny Creche

Fits on your palm.

Bleak House

Hard Times, a Christmas Carol

The children stop in mute dismay,
Choke back their shrieks of glee
And stare in dumbstruck horror
At the space beneath the tree,
Seeing naught but mounds of offal
Where there ought to be a Wii.

O! Dry your eyes my precious ones!
Nay, do not blubber so.
The newly poor must look for Gifts
More deep than outward show.
Content yourselves with abstract stuff
Like Peace and Love. Ho ho!

God rest ye merry.