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Book Review: Burn, Tampa, Burn!

When I finished reading this adventuretainment novel, this Tampa Burn by Randy “Wayne” White, I was at once filled with a crazy, crackling energy. But it was an undirected energy. Useless to me; dangerous to others.

To channel that raw power — zapping like a Tesla coil — I tore the cover off the paperback and, snipping away with snub-nosed scissors, fashioned it into a Faraday Cage Cat Mask.

See it? That’s it up there, recorded photographically: a Faraday Cage Cat Mask. From behind this mask one can observe the world without being observed by the world. Peering blandly through its eye-holes even the most frenetic soul begins to simmer down. Of course, it helps to have the proper headgear.

If you want to feel what I felt on the day I turned the last page of Tampa Burn, why not float out and obtain your very own copy? Here’s the ISBN: 0-425-20228-3.