Two Views of Hiroshige

A young lady took a photo from this spot at this angle moments before me. Wonder if it's on the web, too.We drove out to Pasadena to revisit the fantastic exhibit of prints by Hiroshige at the Norton Simon Museum. One visit wasn’t enough. There’s a whole lot of prints to see and each individual picture of early 19th century Japanese life requires a lot of nose to the glass perusal. The sheer number of geishas, workmen, dancers, pilgrims and holiday makers demands a second viewing — and another viewing in the future as well, and one or two after that.

I was all pumped to write an in-depth appreciation of Utagawa Hiroshige and how the Norts had assembled several entire print series — e.g. Thirty Six Views of Mount Fuji — but fortunately, when I had changed earlier from my blue shirt into my yellow shirt in order to be dressed appropriately for National Mustard Day, I unwittingly left my spy cam in the breast pocket — and as anyone knows, you can’t write a weblog post about an art exhibit without photos. So I’m off the hook. Instead, I can go have a bowl or two of Cap’n Crunch. Museuming makes me hungry.

All I had on me at Nort was my camera phone with which I captured the fuzzy image above, but phone photos don’t count.


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