Who What When Where Wham


NiceWork News Bureau (Woodland Hills) Your never-sleeping reporter brings you the latest in L.A. street theater, this time performed not many yards from the the Comm Room from which NiceWork‘s worldwide operation emanates.

  • Who: a couple of drivers. Guys. Distraught guys.
  • What: an unplanned meeting of their vehicles, one an automobile the other a pickup.
  • When: I dunno. Maybe a couple of hours ago.
  • Where: right there, I tell you! Right there in front of the house!

No one was injured.


In truth, your never-sleeping reporter was not actually in the Comm Room when the vehicles exchanged paint. He was returning from the hardware store with a bag of ant poison, 75 watt light bulbs, eyelet screws and a 75′ garden hose. But Miss NiceWork, our Junior Reporter, was on the scene and described the sound of the meeting as “like a cannon.”


The pickup appears to have been emerging from the alley that debouches from behind a Gelson’s Supermarket onto Mulholland Drive when it was knocked silly by a car zipping east over a hill traversed by the Drive. The car continued post-impact for a few hundred feet before coming to rest in the westbound lane with its airbags deployed and its driver yelling bloody murder.


After all the police stuff and whatnot, the badly injured car was hoisted aboard a truck and carted away to oblivion.

Cars go way too fast on Mulholland Drive.


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