Inception, a NiceWork Movie Review

Sorry, no Bit-O-Honey. No Mary Janes, either. Nor Cow Tales.Last night, the long line in front of the Calabasian movie theater discouraged us from attending the 7 o’clock showing of Inception. But we did not long remain discouraged. This afternoon, we regrouped and carried out our assault earlier: the 3:40 matinee.

The young lady behind the candy counter wasted not a motion in rushing to fill our order: a small bottled water for Mrs NiceWork, nothing at all for Miss NiceWork, and a popcorn–diet coke combo for me. But even in the short time allowed me by her efficient ingathering of the requested items, I was able to snap this portrait of the sweet treats displayed under glass.

The sight of all those boxes of Junior Mints, Butterfingers and Skittles reminded me of how I was firmly advised as a child, when heading off to the picture show with my limited candy budget, that I should purchase Lemonheads. They were the best buy, my elders insisted, because they lasted the longest of all the candies offered, and wouldn’t make me thirsty, or at least not so thirsty as I’d be made by, say, licorice or chocolate. Young and trusting, I took that advice and always bought Lemonheads rather than the Raisinettes which I greatly preferred, even though they took only few minutes to consume and were sure to cause thirst. I could make a box of Lemonheads last through an entire double feature.

But so what? To this day I resent the unsought advice and regret my having taken it. Why apply logic or good sense to an essentially frivolous decision? I should have bought the Raisinettes just because.

One hundred forty-eight minutes later, after the movie Inception had drawn to a close, I stood in the lobby and looked at near-lifesize cardboard cutouts of the cast of an upcoming action picture, The Expendables. Here is one of the stars, Bruce Willis:

I had the shakes from the caffeine beverage and so was unable take a photo in better focus. I am so very sorry.

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