Snack Attack — From the NiceWork News Bureau

Friends don’t let friends make midnight refrigerator raids while driving drunk, but in this case, nobody really knew each other, so a car driving into a kitchen last night is perhaps just within the bounds of propriety. Here’s the story with a picture of the munchie-maddened SUV wedged halfway into a house just a few blocks from the NiceWork News Bureau Home Office: CLICK FOR CRASH PIX N FAX.

After smashing two parked cars, the SUV was understandably hungry and had its nose stuck in the fridge where it foraged for snacks.

But here at NiceWork, the Weblog of Southern California Life ‘n’ Culture, we don’t rely on KTLA for our reportage. We ourselves, unshaven and hair uncombed, hastened to the scene with our camera and captured the aftermath of last night’s bacchanal:

'Honey, wake up! I think I hear someone in the house!' 'Zzz' 'Wake up! Go see what it is!' 'Zzz.'
Nor were we alone. Unsleeping television news crews were already on the job, shooting and broadcasting from one of those vans with the cable coiling up a twenty foot mast. Unfortunately, the camera lady seemed unable to find the house where a gaping façade remained as a grim reminder of careless parking after the naughty automobile had been hauled off to car jail.

To your right, Camera Lady!

Is this the future of automobiles crashing into houses in Los Angeles? Only time will tell…


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