My Book Report: These Thousand Islands

Mixed up fellow.I read another book and this is my book report. I forget the name of the book. It was something like O, These Thousand Islands or Thousand Island Dressing or something, I don’t remember. I’m certain it had the word “islands” in it and the word “thousand.”

It was a mystery by Randy White Wayne and I found it very very very engrossing but I can’t remember any details. I do remember a character named Tomlinson who is sort of a mystical doper hippie on a boat. Oh, boy, did he make me laugh. I remember a funny line he says, but I won’t quote it because of the harsh language, but it was funny. It all takes place on the Gulf coast of Florida in the late 1990s. There is an attempted kidnapping, that I remember. Doc Ford is in it! Doc Ford does NOT live on a boat, but pretty near: he lives on the end of a 90 foot pier with octopuses, tarpon and sharks!

You really really should read the book. Just look for something with “thousand islands” in the title. By Randy Wayne White. I’d tell you more, but I always throw away books when I’m done with them and this one (My Thousand Island Home?) was already hauled away by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP). And even if the LADWP hadn’t snatched it away, I still wouldn’t delve through the weeks’ waste to find a pulp novel so I could tell you its name. I mean, c’mon!

UPDATE: Ten Thousand Islands! That’s it!


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