L.A. Noirboretum

Today we ventured into Arcadia — a town east of Pasadena, founded by that madcap peafowl breeder Elias Jackson “Lucky” Baldwin — to pay our respects to the trees of the Los Angeles Arboretum.

Here is what we saw at the Arboretum. We saw English Oaks:

Also known as the 'Okied' Oak.

We saw exotic Cigar Box Trees:

Actually, cigar boxes are made from many different kinds of wood, not just mahogany. Cedar, redwood, oak, teak, walnut and even balsa are all used in the manufacture of cigar boxes.

We saw the Spotted Fig Tree:

Did we care a flying fig? Yes, in fact we did.

We even saw a Naked Coral Tree:

You won't find US boycotting Arizonan trees!

But the most impressive sight by far, the one which we took in last and which will long haunt our memories, we beheld in the Arboretum’s Rose Garden. There we saw a young couple lying dead under a bower of perfumed roses.

They had eaten of the deadly nightshade.

Or was it henbane?


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