Saturday Review

John Scalzi’s science fiction adventure book Old Man’s War or Old Men’s War was reviewed here not too long ago. This book, from a couple of years back, is the sequel to it. It’s called The Ghost Brigades.

Some people will like it, some won’t. Most won’t even know it exists, much less read it.

Me, I’m going to the grocery store to buy some steak and maybe some garlic bread. And by some crazy coincidence, what I’m having for dinner tonight is exactly as important to you as what I thought of this book.


One response to “Saturday Review

  1. I liked the Ghost Brigades, though not as much as Old Man’s War. The first book had a character you actually liked.

    Now I do have other book in the series — The Lost Colony and Zoe’s Story ready to read on my book shelf and look forward to them.

    I also really liked his book The Android’s Dream which starts off quite funny and turns into an excellent and romping adventure of galatic intrigue.

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