I Don’t Care Whether or Not You Read This Book

I was about to do a blog post about this book, Old Man’s War by John Scalzi, but I thought better of it. Why should I go to all that trouble when the odds of someone actually reading the post are… well, put it this way: a book review in a bottle would have more chance of reaching an island castaway than the same review posted online would have of finding a reader.

And even if someone were to run across this post by chance, what difference would it make? Why should I care what a stranger reads? Why should a stranger care about what I have read?

Beyond the demands of ordinary human decency, I don’t care if you, reader, live or die, much less what cheap paperbacks you enlist to fill the empty moments of your day. If you’re so eager to learn about Scalzi’s sci-fi book, go buy a copy. $6.99 USD.


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