Five Smooth Stones, Five Sore Coyotes

They agitate our kitties from the valley next door. They gibber like scary girl-ghosts at night. They dare prowl the streets by day.

They are the coyotes of California. And their days are numbered.

Well, their haunches are numbered anyhow. Behold my new stealth missile launcher:

I call it the Varminator. The varmints will soon call it “The Invisible God That Spanks My Butt at Night.” They want to howl? I’ll give the devils reason to howl.

Morgan the Penguin and Bjorn the Gnome already know the power of the Varminator. Soon the world will know.


2 responses to “Five Smooth Stones, Five Sore Coyotes

  1. me with new cell

    It is well to fight the coydog, but only hand-to-hand with a blade. Projectile weaponry is the arsenal of the poltroon.

  2. What if they start attributing their pain to the little rocks without connecting the rocks to the fact that they were hurled from your mighty slingshot? I feel like you should go tell them what’s going on, just so they know.

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