They’re struttin’ it, rug-cuttin’ it!

The Big Event in New York last weekend was the gala Muslim Day Parade down Madison Avenue. A freezing rain and a post-neutron bomb Sunday morning desolation did nothing to dampen the spirits of those fun-loving Muslims as they made “the river bottom ring and sing!”

Nor was it a matter of a cedar falling in Lebanon with no one there to hear it, though nearly: NiceWork’s intrepid photojournalist was there, camera in hand, to bring you the following photo essay:

Say! What's all that ululating? Why, it's the Muslim Day muezzin! Yay!

Listen to the muezzin’s cry:

“Ev’ry boy’s got a girl, the town’s gonna whirl, tonight’s a jamboree, mister,
And if you come along you’ll join in the song,
Hey Dad, Not Bad! I’m glad! You dig! Hey, boy that

Crowd Control police had their hands...plunged into the pockets of their slickers.

For sure, for sure, everyone is Muslim on Muslim Day:

They’re doin’ it, soft shoein’ it, they’re tryin’ it, untyin’ it,
they’re jivin’ it, revivin’ it, I tell you.
They’re struttin’ it, rug-cuttin’ it,
They’re shakin’ it and breakin’ it,
Dad! Not bad! I’m glad! You dig! Hey, boy that:

A Macy's Thanksgiving balloon figure would work well with this one

We all swing high, swing low,
Ev’rybody rockin’ to and fro
It ain’t fast or slow, But oh, that glory halleluyah.
Swing that thing
Make the river bottom ring and sing
Hush ma mouth, that’s the Muslim Day Parade!

If you can't hadj on over to the Qaaba, the Qaaba'll come to you!

I hear the trombone, la-de-ah-de-ah,
That shiny trombone, la-de-ah-de-ah.
Ev’rybody playin’ mighty fine as they march along,
And I never get enough of that Dervish song!

Heading south - towards Ground Zero

Good-bye until next year, Muslim Day Parade!

Nota bene: Special thanks to STEVE ALLEN for the lyrics to SOUTH RAMPART STREET PARADE.

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