Robin Meade Radiates Confidence Even on Shutter Island


NiceWork readers will be relieved to know my return flight from New York City to Los Angeles was an improvement over my outbound flight. To begin with, the departure time allowed your reporter to sleep until 6 AM  instead of having to struggle awake at 4 like last time. And then, too, New York’s JFK airport offered much nicer amenities than LAX. Even better: My seat assignment, some rows further to the front than on the previous flight, allowed precious inches more leg room. Better still: The seat next to mine was empty. But best of all…

…I had ROBIN MEADE to accompany me. Along with a take-your-mind-off-the-Hell-of-flying book I bought at JFK —  Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane — I was given, absolutely free, a bookmark die-cut in the shape of ROBIN MEADE. I took up my newly purchased thriller and there was Robin’s head, her dark flowing mane, her twinkling eyes, poking out of the top of the book, radiating confidence.

That confident radiation kept me warm for the entire ensuing 6 hour flight and did much to dispel the New York pallor already beginning to deaden my shiny LA mug.

The novel, Shutter Island, tells the story of a moody U.S. Marshall, name of “Teddy,” who ventures into a maximum security prison/hospital scary place on a bleak island named “Shutter” way way out in Boston Harbor. A dangerous madwoman has vanished, and so Teddy and his sidekick, “Chuck,” ferry in to investigate. Nothing is as it seems, though. The doctors on the island — MAD doctors! — are conducting screwy Mengele-style human experimentation — brain surgery, psychotropic drugs, ice-pick lobotomy, trepanning; you name it — like it’s 1999.

Even moody Teddy is not what he seems, folks. He is screwy. He has a secret screwy mission. A mission of screwy vengence. Not long ago a pyromaniac… But do you care? If you do, then read the screwy book yourself. I shan’t spoil the surprises.

Partly because I don’t know what the surprises are. Shutter Island is a book meant to be read in one sitting, but airline oxygen deprivation caused me to pass out from time to time, and so a good chunk of the book remained unread even as ROBIN MEADE and I deplaned and kissed the ground of LA.

Morning Sunshine!
How to Radiate Confidence and Feel It Too
by Robin Meade
(Center Street, Hardcover, 256pp.)
Publication Date: September 2009

Shutter Island
by Dennis Lehane
(Harper, Mass Market Paperback, 325pp.)
Publication Date: September 2009


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