It was carved in the 12th century. Now it stands in the Pavilion for Japanese Art at LACMA.

I was thinking about you as I lay a-bed just before daybreak. “What would my kind and gentle NiceWork readers like to see today?” I wondered.

Then it hit me like a ton of harmless Nerf™ bricks: My readers craved a little dose of “Kuan-shih yin” the bodhisattva whose name means “Hearing the World’s Cries”, but whom we know better under her Japanese title: Kannon Bosatsu, (“Bosatsu” means “bodhisattva”) or the Goddess of Mercy.

So here you go: A larger-than-life size figure of Kannon, carved way back when. If she doesn’t give you a good feeling, seek professional help.

You can view the photo larger, and larger still, by going to my Flickr page. Here’s the magic link to click on for that very purpose: WILLIAM CONRAD.


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