Silver Pigs to the Rescue

Not "oink" pigs. Bars of silver.

No fun for me today.

Work makes its sordid demands on my time. Happily, much of the work is the sort allowing ample brain drift. I will allow my brain to drift in the direction of an “audiobook” (née “book on tape”).

For my distraction from drudgery I have selected a detective story set in ancient Rome at the time of the Emporer Vaspasian (70-something A.D.): The Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis. It stars Marcus Didius Falco, essentially a private detective, though he calls himself a professional “informer.” So far the librum homicidium (as narrated by Christian Rodska) entertains well. Falco must solve (and avenge) the murder of a feisty young woman who knew too much about the smuggling of silver bars (the titular pigs) out of Britannia. I am a cheerful drone.

How anyone managed the dull bits of life before the advent of iPods is a question that fills me with awe and dread. Walkmen tape cassettes were good pals, certainly. Portable CD players less so; much less so. Before that I suppose there was, what?, radio?— the Lone Ranger and Charlie McCarthy? And before that… THE DARK AGES.

Quiet ages anyhow. What did us poor harmless drudges do back then? Think? Brr. I shudder to.

The Silver Pigs
by Lindsey Davis
(Minotaur Books, Mass Market Paperback, 329pp.)


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