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Enormous Debby is Very Hungry

Enormous Debby shook us up a bit as we sped eastward on Highway 134. After the initial shock, though, we understood she meant us no harm. She only wanted to identify the truck she emblazoned as a certified carter of Little Debby Snack Cakes. Was the cargo thousands of little cakes we wondered? Or was it one enormous Snack Cake sufficient for the appetite of the mighty lass whose frank, guileless smile charmed the hearts of so many motorists today?

Her other duty — unbeknownst to her — is to welcome you back to NICE WORK, which awakens from its month-long slumber, ready to tell you of the nice work we find in our wholly unstructured wanderings through the halls of art, literature, drama, and (more likely) the refuse heaps of joke shows, cop books, bric-a-brac, funny animals and advertising art. We have let this happy place, our Arts ‘n’ Entertainment website, languish these many days while we did our patriotic duty of casting tomaters at that sanctimonious sap at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

We return now to our first weblove: NICE WORK.

We are back we say — and so says Enormous Debby. Thank you, Enormous Debby.

Just to prove our heart is in the right place, look you: Here is a nifty panoramic shot of the set of Cymbeline as we viewed it yesterday before the play’s final performance by the redoubtable troupe at Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum:

Cymbeline Set at Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga Canyon

As you can see, it is an outdoor theater. You will find gnats here, but they will not find you if you prepare properly with an appropriate spray. The stage and tiers of benches nestle in a natural amphitheater amid the sycamores of Topanga Canyon — “Where it is always 1971™” To see the picture much larger, click on these magic words: I WISH TO SEE THE PICTURE MUCH LARGER.


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