In the Face of Adversity

A loop, a whirl, a vertical climb...

Sure, times are tough. Money is scarce; plans hatched in enthusiasm sputter out in despair; the ground yawns and swallows tourist buses; the restless spirits of the dead roam the earth and make sarcastic comments; dogs start at the sound of unseen Klaxon horns; in sandwich shops, individual packets of mustard and ketchup and mayonaisse split open, spewing condiments; firemen forget to wait a moment before sliding down the firepole and pile up in unseemly heaps; little girls are sassy; chunks of masonry the size of Smart Cars fall out of the blue sky; cows talk but not about anything interesting; every 5,000th ATM card bursts into blue flame; flowers smell like Oscar Meyer lunch meats; jet-ski riders simply fall over on their sides for no apparent reason; glee clubs arm themselves and do battle; week after week the crops in the fields refuse to grow then they all shoot up about twelve feet in less than a second; joggers veer into ditches; calendar pages neither turn nor tear; airplane seat trays will not stay latched; zoo animals become painfully shy; thousands of words lose their meaning; brooms stick to the floor; candles blow themselves out; wristwatches begin to make an upleasant grinding sound; dry cleaners panic at the sight of formal wear; iPods randomly sound air raid warnings; pool toys rebel; stop signs command no respect; clouds snap in two.

But if this little squirrel guy can smile, so can you.


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