City of Books

We took a bunch of photos while visiting the
Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
on the campus of UCLA today.

Eric Carle's 'Hungry Caterpillar' was this year's mascot.

You Are Here.

Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar, the festival mascot,
appears beneath a directory.

The weather was windy but otherwise perfect.

Throngs Descending a Staircase

See that noisy throng on the incline in the background?
They ascend and descend the Janss Steps in order to visit — or hurry away from — the vast encampment of splendid tents to which cunning booksellers, well-versed in the arts of enticement, lure the innocent.

City of Books

City of Books

Now we are at the top of the Janss Steps looking down.
That gleaming sea of booths below — looking as though a small cohort of booksellers had pitched camp, laying siege to UCLA — represents but one section of the vasty Festival of Books, and not even the biggest section.

No Paul. No Mary.

Peter, Paul and Mary with neither Paul nor Mary

Peter Yarrow sang Puff the Magic Dragon.

Part Whippet.

The Dog

We met a dog.

He frightens me.

You Cannot Lie to the Caterpillar

Already footsore and sunburnt we made a quiet departure from the festival before we were forced to undergo enhanced interrogation.


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