The Cheerios were more entertaining.NiceWork is bereft. The little review I’d planned for this space today ran into some difficulties when I took the book I was going to review — The Associate by John Grisham — and stuffed it into the recycle bag after having only penetrated to page 46. You can’t justly discuss a book of which you’ve read only the first 46 pages of its full 373, but then, I suppose a reader rebellion against a plot trick so cheap that it stops you dead in your tracks — well, that is a review of sorts.

Madame NiceWork, who gamely persevered beyond page 46 all the way to the end, assured me The Associate does not justify the veritable “it was all a dream” story cheat, and I choose to trust her judgment. You who have no idea of her rock-solid integrity need not be so credulous. Read it yourself. If you hurry you will find a nearly new copy of The Associate in the blue recycle bin by the curb on Mulholland Drive, L.A.. Pick-up is next Friday.

The Associate
by John Grisham
(Doubleday Books, Hardcover, 373pp.)


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