Senex et Pueres, Getty Villa V

Bronzo CanisThe Getty Villa is not all ceilings and floors.

It is also walls.

And within those walls you can see art from ancient Rome, Etruria, Greece and thereabouts. So we must pry our eyes with a small popping sound from the upper and lower planes and take in some of the museum’s collection.

Here, to the right, is a bronze bust known as… Oh, I should mention that I failed to take notes about any of the artwork, so I am going to have make up everything you read here. But don’t worry, where my scholarship is shaky, my instincts are sound — a bronze bust known only as Bronzo the Old Man. It was made by a Roman of a Roman for other Romans, but we who are not Romans can still get a kick out the the artist’s merciless depiction of the ravages of age. The bust itself is no spring chicken: it was made in the year, oh, let’s say A.D. 105.

Below is a field trip full of kids that we keep running into no matter what — middle schoolers, I think. They are nearing the end of their forced march through the Glory that was Greece and the Grandeur that was Rome. They are thoroughly quenched. You can tell they are quenched because they are no longer cracking wise — as they had been, and loudly — about the many male members on proud display throughout the Villa (by statues, I hasten to add, not visitors or the Getty staff). The marble statue with its archaic smile no longer elicits the contemporary smiles of 12yo’s.
The chaperon has something of an archaic smile now that his charges have simmered down.


The Getty Villa.
Pacific Palisades, California (part of Los Angeles, really)
On the Pacific Coast Highway just north of Sunset Blvd
You need an entrance ticket to get in.
The entrance ticket is FREE and easily obtained over the Web or with a single telephonic communication.
Parking will set you back one sawbuck.


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