Celebrating Urban Light

No, not Saturn, but one of the Urban Light lamps, plus a moon.We found our complimentary print copy of LACMA‘s Celebrating Urban Light waiting for us upon our driveway today. Our joy was audible. You, reader, unless you are one of the chosen few whose cunning snaps of Chris Burden’s Urban Light art thing can be found between the covers of this fine volume, will have to pay for your print copy.

You can do just that here: BUY ME A ART BOOK. A barrel of monkeys pales besides the cornucopia that is this fine publication. Only consider the contents: Essays, poetry, a revealing interview with the reclusive Mr. Burden himself, to say nothing of all those who-woulda-thunk-it angles managed by the indefatigible Urban Light photographers including young Mlle. NiceWork.The lad shouted joyously as he capered.


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