Agricola Invisibilia, Getty Villa III

Truly hypaethral. No glass.

We have tarried too long on the threshold of the Getty Museum’s collection of ancient art, yes, but not so long that Phoebus in his wingéd chariot has galloped off beyond the Pacific and we missed the beautiful blue sky shining down through the hypaethral ceiling of the Getty Villa‘s main atrium. Lots of room here for passersby, so loiter as long as you want, head turned skywards, enjoying at once the freshness of outdoors and the shelter of indoors. Stay put, though. Do NOT walk around with your eyes raised towards the aether: That tinkling sound you hear warns you of the fountain-fed oblong pool in the center of the atrium into which you must not wade.

Next: Go south one room into the “interior peristyle,” turn right and pass through the triclinium, and continue out into the sunny (when it’s sunny) “exterior peristyle.” Now enter the southern of two circular seating areas and look down. There you will see the very spot where the farmer sank inexplicably through the patterned concrete floor:

The farmer is okay. He only dropped his cap.


The Getty Villa.
Pacific Palisades, California (part of Los Angeles, really)
On the Pacific Coast Highway just north of Sunset Blvd
Call first, or web it up, to get an entrance ticket.
The entrance ticket is FREE, but the parking is $10


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