This Old Villa, Getty Villa II

If your sojourns through this troubled land take you to the Getty Villa (named after J. Paul Getty and Bob Villa), then be sure to pause a moment before you enter the Atrium to raise your eyes heavenwards. You will see birds and beasts:Twitter circa 110 A.D.

After you have admired the swallows, lions, bulls and goats, and after you have glowed with pride for remembering the 5th grade lesson in which you learned the name of the sort of column supporting the overhead bestiary (Corinthian), tear your eyes away and look downward to the earth. This is what you will see:

Q-bert circa 110 A.D.Okay. Now you can stop annoying everyone by blocking the doorway and enter the Atrium.


The Getty Villa.
Pacific Palisades, California (part of Los Angeles, really)
On the Pacific Coast Highway just north of Sunset Blvd
Call first, or web it up, to get an entrance ticket.
The entrance ticket costs not a single dime, but the parking is $10


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