Urban Light Book

The running child's name is Cy.We were thrilled to learn from the Los Angeles County Art Museum that Lizzie’s photo of the kid running through Urban Light — the wonderful installation by Chris Burden — was one of those selected to grace LACMA‘s book about that useful artwork.

The honor is spread among one hundred fifty or so other entrants, yet honor it remains. You may look at the online version of the book HERE. Lizzie’s fine photo, you will see, gets a certain alphabetical advantage.

You may want to own your own copy of the book, one printed on paper and giving tactile as well as visual pleasure. Very well. You shall be satisfied. Go HERE to place your order. A second copy would make a fine Saint Patrick’s Day gift.

If all you care to do is see a larger version of the photo on my Flikr page — never mind the tactile pleasure — that too is easily done: Click on the photo illustrating this post.

Rosey-fingered Dawn, acrylic on canvas board, 2009Commercial Break: Daughtergirl, flush with her LACMA success, now offers her artwork for sale through good old Etsy.

You may view a larger reproduction of this fine deKooningesque figural study HERE. Or you can click on the thumbnail image.


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