Lookit, Herman — Flars!

The light comes down through the hypaethral ceiling.

Bright sun, feathery upper-atmosphere clouds and a crazy-making temperature hovering in the mid-80s was as good as a command for us to head over the mountain to the Getty Museum, that fine collection of art overlooking the Pacific to the west and the City of Angels to the east. Many hundreds of other art-n-sun worshippers also answered the call. We had to park closer to the Earth’s core than we’re used to, so many were the vehicles that had beaten us to The Getty.

The crowds of milling Gettysburgers made leisurely appreciation of the paintings a challenge. We refused the challenge, gave up on art-staring and stared instead at the people as we slurped iced coffees on the plaza. The Getty lures scads of natty Angelenos for top-drawer people-watching. Who needs art? Bait for the natty Angelenos I guess.

That painting above, Still Life with Flowers and Fruit, was painted by — Can you guess? — I’ll give you a minute to look at it again. — Recognize the style? — Need more time? — Give up? — Okay. It was painted by Claude Monet, way back in 1869. Read about it HERE if you like. Monet was only about 28 years old. You can hardly tell it’s one of his paintings until you risk a scolding by getting in close enough to see the brushwork:

There's the Monet!


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