Banks That Kill

Clive Owens stars as Agent Salinger in a new adventure runshoot film called The International. Here is Agent Salinger plunging his face into a sink filled with water and ice cubes. He is investigating Banks That Kill.

Clive takes a Dive.

Naomi Watts stars in it too. She playes Agent Whitman. Agent Whitman has a husband and kids, so she doesn’t kiss Agent Salinger but she does tenderly finger his earlobe where a bullet tore it up. Her role in the investigation of Banks That Kill is largely supportive. For instance, she makes repeated phone calls to an assassin victim’s wife (“Please, do not call me anymore.”) and gets hit by a car driven by the assassin who is named “The Consultant” and is played with verve and pep by Irish actor Brian F. O’Byrne.

Agent Whitman gets a text message clue.

Agent Salinger visits the Guggenheim Art Museum near Central Park in New York City. Unexpectedly, it turns into a bloodbath. This would not be allowed at The Getty.

Bank employees try to kill Agent Salinger. Agent Salinger makes friends with an assassin named “the Consultant” (played with verve and pep by Brian F. O’Byrne) and they both shoot back.

The little guy is "the Consultant." He has been shot many times, but he has moxie.

Agent Salinger and “The Consultant” acquit themselves quite well. For example, they shoot one of the bank employees who falls down to the lobby of the Guggenheim.

No art was destroyed.

“The Consultant” finally exsanguinates in Central Park. Agent Salinger goes to… I want to say Istanbul. All the bankers die.

Naomi Watts does not appear in the Guggenheim scenes. Or does she...?

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