Pre-dawn Donuts

You can almost hear the Homer Simpson voice, can't you?As neo-Angelenos we wonder always about the traffic patterns: When, we ask, are the highways clogged and when are they free-flowing? Is there a discernible pattern to the jams or are they random? A partial answer — another  datum anyhow — came to us this morning as we drove Madame Nicework to her early LAX departure: Four a.m. is a good time to drive in L.A.. On Monday, at least. Or maybe only this particular Monday. Who knows?

Daughtergirl risked being run over in the drive-thru lane to bring you this photo.Besides the clear sailing on the 405, we early birds reaped another benefit: We were first in line — indeed, we comprised the totality of the line — at the fabled Googie-style doughnut stand, Randy’s Donuts. You’ve seen the doughnut shaped building in music videos (“I Love L.A.” of course) on TV (Buster trying to eat the enormous plaster donut on Arrested Development — See Below) and in movies (um…can’t think of one… wait a second… okay, I googled up a couple of movies with Randy’s Donuts: Into the Night and Mars Attacks.). The Time Out Los Angeles travel guide — a pretty useful guide, by the way — chose the Randy’s Donut image to represent the whole metropolis.

Actual screen capture from ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.

Returning to the Valley via a circuitous route (including a drive alongside an ocean made visible only by ships’ running lights), we enjoyed the sunrise gradually distinguishing a lowering sky from the walls of Topanga Canyon. Now we are enjoying morning donuts (1600 calories each) and a cup of coffee that soon and very soon will lose the fight against the imperious sleep deficit.

Time Out Los Angeles
By, er, Time Out, it says here.
(Time Out Publishing, Paperback,, 310 googie-filled pages)

We were tricked! That "plain" donut on the left is in fact a sprinkle-donut turned upside-down!


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