Pumpkinville, CA

Have a fruit.

It is only fitting that a city named after a gourd should have a swell Farmers’ Market. Calabasas, CA, whose name derives from a Spanish word for “pumpkin,” plays host to flatbed trucks from all over the fertile state every Saturday morning. Park for FREE FREE FREE in a dusty lot near the 101 and mosey on over to the “Old Town” (i.e. vaguely Olde West) part of the très upscale citylike population center.

Have a veggie.

Aromatic fruit and veggies and flowers and empañadas and pitas and… and… and… oh! Everything both yummski and quite often healthy will assail your senses. The Calabasas Farmers’ Market, so I am told, is not even the best farmers’ market in the LA area. Well, it’s the best in my narrow experience. What do the alleged better ones have, I wonder? Tractor pulls?

Have a hunka cheez.Come for the produce. Stay for the samples. Leave while you still have a dollar left in your wallet.


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