International Sign for Pinnochio

It's Roberto Benigni!The community we live in is nothing if not diverse. Cretans, Bulgars, Carpathians, Gascons, Lollards — you name it, we got it. But even so I had to hit the brakes hard and back up when I saw this street sign near the intersection of Topanga Canyon Road and Ybarra.

Magical wooden puppet children? I knew we were in an enchanted place, but this news bowled me over. Yes, the plaintive cries of Kindly Old Geppetto, lantern in hand, searching for his prodigal son had intruded on my dreams, but I had dismissed them as no more than nocturnal rehearsals of the local Children’s Theatre or the overloud DVD player of an insomniac Disney fan. Now I must wonder: could the sudden dartings of an eerie self-animated marionette truly pose a hazard to motorists? I vow to drive more carefully from now on. No more taking air over speed bumps.


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