Bosch Sites VI.V

It doesn't smell as pretty as it looks.

Back in the post titled “Bosch Sites VI” I promised you a better view of the canals in Venice, CA. Look: I am true to my word. Stopped by on way back from LAX, actually FOUND A PARKING SPOT, and snapped a bunch of photos. It was fun to see all the different waterfowl, none of whom would sit still for a portrait. A pelican kept gliding under the bridges to light on the canal over and over again.

I stood on bridge in first photo to take this photo.

I also promised way back in Bosch Site VI to find the very home described in City of Bones:

“Julia Brasher lived in a house at the corner of the Howland and Eastern canals. Bosch expected it to be one of the new structures. He guessed she probably used her law-firm money to buy it or even build it. But as he came to the address he saw that he was wrong. Her house was a small bungalow made of white clapboard with an open front porch overlooking the joining of the two canals.”, [City of Bones, 2002]

But I forgot the intersection. Sorry, Connelly fans. Next time!


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