NiceWork Goes to the Talkies: DEFIANCE!

So it's no Hotel for Dogs. I wanted to see it anyhow.Foo. This is my day for frustration: First, inclement weather and unsuitable clothing conspire to keep me from fulfilling my dream of planting my feet on the rocky peak of Rocky Peak.

Okay. Fine. So I decide to go to a local movie house instead, but when the serpentine line finally deposits me before the glass-encased teen selling tickets he has only bad news to give: the 4:30 showing of Defiance is SOLD OUT. No Daniel Craig fighting Nazis for me this fine day.

To top it off, when I get back home I hurry to the fridge to pull out the long-anticipated Stouffer’s Southwest Style Chicken Panini that will assuage my grief… but, someone (I suspect Daughtergirl) has already snagged it.

But that won’t stop NiceWork from providing a timely and entertaining movie review. Yes: sight unseen. After all, how many films do you suppose professional critics actually see before penning their opinions; or if they see the fim to be reviewed, how much of it do think they really sit through? Most of it? Half? As long as their Lemonheads last? I


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