The Fire Next Time

Lucky shot. The semi-rainbow was gone a few minutes later.

I drove yesterday across the San Fernando Valley, primarily to pick up my wife’s new hikin’ shoes at REI, but also to view firsthand and report on the devestation left by the 3.1 earthquake that had shaken the area a few hours earlier and leveled Reseda. Fortunately Reseda before the earthquake was already absolutely level, so there was no devestation to view. Life went on exactly as before. Still, I took it as an omen of the evil times to be expected under the administration of Dear Leader — a sign of disapprobation from the angry Earth Gods.

But then another auspice raised my spirits. As I drove moodily northward upon Topanga Canyon Road, muttering darkly and peering through a misty rain for signs of Devonshire Street where I was to turn eastward, my heart leapt up as I beheld a rainbow in the sky. The airy spectrum beamed its glad tidings somewhere above Stoney Point Park where the rock climbers ascend and descend silently, ceaselessly. In one motion I snatched up the trusty camera that rode shotgun with me, and without pausing to aim, I snapped the photo you see heading this post.

A rainbow! A sign of hope! A promise from the Sky Gods! A favorable omen! A happy goodtime giddy… Oh, wait… It’s only half a rainbow. A semi-rainbow. See? It’s sort of stuck there in the gray, lowering clouds. One lousy chunk of a lousy broken rainbow!



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