By the Skin of Our Teeth

Wave? Particle? Either way it spells DOOM!After snapping the snapshot of the Venice canal yesterday — and, by the way, isn’t it funny how we still “snap” a photo so many decades after cameras ceased to make anything like a snapping noise? The little levers on old cameras actual went “click,” but it’s all buttons now. Well, there’s the shutter sound, I suppose; but that’s not a “snap”; more like a robot chewing. I guess we hang on to the word “snap” because it implies a quick action, a photo taken on the spur of the moment and not fussed over — we hurried as fast as we could up Venice Boulevard to escape the anticipated tsunami. We made it with seconds to spare.

We took this photo through the moon roof of our escape vehicle near the intersection of Venice and Lincoln. In hindsight we realize it was not wise to leave the moon roof open while a giant tidal wave was curling over us, but, on the bright side, it did permit us this happy snap.


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