I've gotta bust outta this joint!We will be going nowhere for a while today.

Prisoners in our own home are we; shut down and locked up like Okapis in a zoo. We are forced to drink the water and nibble at the crackers in our Earthquake Kit (though we also get to play with the bandages and flashlights and whistles).

What dread power has us in its grip? Some implacable force of nature? Some disastrous social upheaval? War? Plague? Famine?

Or, on the lighter side, could we have been trapped by a jolly — but paralyzing — mass descent into frivolity? Group madness. The population gone fey and taken to dancing in the streets — with all the concomitant disruption of public order that implies.

A little bit of all of these: The cable has slipped off the right drum of our garage door opener and wrapped around the torsion bar. The apparatus is frozen tight with no manual override except, I guess, for driving through the door.

Sign of Doom.Until the SWAT team from Emergency Garage Doors and Gates arrives we are on involuntary lockdown. We press our noses against the windows and look longingly on the passing parade, but we cannot join. We have spelled out S.O.S. with our lawn furniture in hopes of attracting a passing traffic copter, but those hopes grow faint as rush hour draws to a close.

Oh, well. At least we can reminisce about the nice hike — more of a walk, really — we enjoyed on Sunday in Malibu Creek State Park. (You find it by going to the West Coast of the United States, taking the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu Canyon Road, and going north to just short of the Mulholland Highway intersection.) Very very easy with lots of nice vistas to be had with only a little effort, just minutes from the highway. Look, here is part of the path:This path takes you to the old M*A*S*H location.

UPDATE: Garage door repaired. Autocar free to roam. Can we get you anything while we’re out?


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