The Best Movie of 2009 Remains Unchallenged

Grocery store check-out lane separators.

This morning, when we dared to poke one shivering hand from under the covers to turn on the Blackberry, the L.A. Times website told us it was 38° outside. The hand gave a little cry and retreated abruptly.

Unusual cold afflicts L.A..

Anyways we’re assured by local boosters that this sort of arctic weather is unusual for the area. They seem almost ashamed, these Californios, but we don’t blame L.A. for failing to live up to decades of paradisiacal advertising in the form of Beach movies and Surfin’ songs. We understand civic pride requires the putting forward of the best foot. Visitors to our Old Country, Chicago, no doubt felt similarly led on and consequently disappointed by our exaggerated promises of daily gangland slayings. Like us, they adjusted.

But today, we welcome the nip in the air: much donkey work to do; lugging, boxing, hoisting, vaccing. We must prepare the guest room for the arrival of the guest bed and the guest who will sleep on it.

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