Silent Cal

If you want to know a man, look at his calendar. You won’t actually find out anything about the man, but it’s more polite than rifling through his desk drawer. Here we see the the two main calendars that counted and graced this family’s days in 2008, now soon to be — appropriately — recycled.Palms, both at peace and in a fury, featured strongly in 08.

These past dozen moons the Dufy Calendar by Graphique de France has been the ideal companion: silent, colorful, informative, ever available, nailed to the wall. A page from the calendar made a guest appearance here in an earlier post. As I worked in my studio in 2008 it was nice to look to the left and see Nice.

The Storms Calendar, from Avalanche Publishing, in its annual incarnation, has been a staple of the household. Each October we order the next one to get updated on which kinds of severe weather have failed to destroy photographer Warren Faidley. The climatic horrors beyond the front door make for a cozy bedroom decoration and a sobering start to the busy day.

This year, for my studio, I’ve departed from the usual themes of art and disaster. The wall behind my computer screen holds a jaunty calendar — another Graphique de France publication — in the spirit of our new SoCal digs:

CORN CHIPS, 1951. Starring Donald Duck, Chip Chipmunk and Dale Chipmunk. Directed by Jack Hannah.

What’s that blue stuff Donald is shovelling?

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