Bosch Sites V

Come, let us visit more L.A. sites featured in the Harry Bosch series of detective thrillers by Michael Connelly. Here are pictures of the area where the finding of a bone propels a murder investigation in City of Bones, Connelly’s 2002 offering. His best, I think.

This is where Wonderland dead-ends.

If you turn to the left while standing in the spot pictured above, you get a glorious view of the Los Angeles Basin (too glorious to be captured by this photographer). When I took the photo a helicopter was hovering overhead just as in the novel.

A sign on Laurel Canyon Blvd a little ways south of where you turn to go up Wonderland.

I guess Laurel Canyon was hippy-dippy back in the days, if you consider Frank Zappa and Joni Mitchell and the like to be hippy-dippy. It’s still über-groovy as this comic/earnest homemade signage in the photo above attests.

About half way up Wonderland Avenue in Laurel Canyon.

Wonderland Avenue is very steep and gave this Flatlander the FEARS as he climbed it in his spluttering RAV, but I gallantly faced them down in order to bring you deserving Bosch fans a photo to help you picture the mise en scène (French for “me, on the spot”) of the primary murder investigation in City of Bones.

City of Bones By Michael Connelly
(Warner Books, Mass Market Paperback, 448 world-weary-but-dedicated-to justice pages)


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