The Summer of Oughty-eight

Let’s take a trip back in time. Come with me to the mean streets of Los Angeles in July of 2008 — not even half a year ago:

Here we see the funtime aftermath of a car having boinged into a fire hydrant. It was just standing there, whistling a tune, on Fallbrook north of Victory when an automobile-driver, mad with thirst, rammed it. The hydrant fell right over, unconcious, and from the exact spot where he had loitered there shot a geyser.

Laughing men and women from all around, even laughing fishermen from the shoals of Nova Scotia wearing their nor’easters, gathered gladly in the cooling shower, grateful to soothe their parched lips and throats, so hot was it that summer’s day.

Why are we time-travelling in this way? I’ll tell you why! Look at the price of gas-o-line!

UPDATE: Here is the same spot as it appears today, December 30, 2008.


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