Harry Bosch Site IV

Parking is ten bucks, but the museum itself is FREE!In Michael Connelly’s A Darkness More than Night, the FBI profiler (retired) Terry McCaleb is the viewpoint character, but it still counts as a Bosch mystery because Detective Bosch is the main suspect in a murder. Some louse is trying to frame him. In the scene quoted in the picture above, McCaleb consults with art experts at the Getty to find out about the 15th-16th century Dutch painter Heironymous Bosch.

In the next paragraph, not quoted, McCaleb is described as hurrying across the travertine plaza. Here’s a picture of the very travertine he hurried across and two shod feet that may be similar to his:

Actually, I'll bet McCaleb wore Topsiders.

Travertine is a kind of sedimentary rock. It’s what the Romans used to build the Colosseum. In the Getty Museum Gift Shop you can purchase little hunks of travertine to take home and contemplate.

The photo of the Getty above — looking southwest — was taken from the top of the “Getty View Trail,” another project of the Santa Monica Conservancy and good ‘un. The 1.8 mile twisty trail takes you up 600 feet so you can look down upon the museum, or past it towards Santa Monica Bay and Palos Verdes. Or you can turn 90 degrees and look at downtown L.A. through a dozen blue miles of haze. You get a lot of bang for the buck, taking vista as the “bang” and physical exertion as the “buck.”

Speaking of bucks, the trail’s parking area — found on the north side of Sepulveda about eight inches east of the 405 freeway — costs three.

A Darkness More Than Night By Michael Connelly
(Warner Vision, Mass Market Paperback, 488pp.)


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