Harry Bosch Sites II

As the Santa Monica Mountains tumble eastwards above the L.A. Basin, they dwindle down to mere bumps; those bumps are known as the Hollywood Hills. There’s a path through those bumps called Cahuenga Pass over which commuters commute both north and south. On the hills to the east, facing the Basin, is set the drunk-looking HOLLYWOOD sign. On the hills to west, facing the Valley, mystery writer Michael Connelly has set the home of his detective protagonist, Harry Bosch.

The street sign hidden in the foliage says 'Woodrow Wilson'.

I stood in Woodrow Wilson Drive to take this shot of a street perpendicular to it. The photo shows the sort of swell place you can expect to find on the skyward side of the street. The downslope side is none too shabby, but in comparison humbler:Not bad on a cop's pay.

Actually, this isn’t the Bosch Manse. His is one story and has three steel pylons supporting it. Also, it looks kind of high for Bosch to have jumped out of as he does in the exciting conclusion of Lost Light. Sitll, this is the general area on Woodrow Wilson, and this is what cantilevered houses look like around here.

None of the homes I saw as I cruised the twisty drive aligned exactly with Mr. Connelly’s description. For one thing, the phrase “fourth from the end” begs the questions, “Which end?” and “End of what?” The upper end of Woodrow Wilson at Mulholland is way too hoity-toity for Harry. Yet the lower end at Cahuenga isn’t elevated enough for the view of Universal Studios enjoyed by our hero. There are a couple of jinks in the road that I suppose his place could be fourth from the end of, but none of the houses so situated looked like Bosch’s dark wood shoebox-shaped cantilever. Could Mr. Connelly be protecting Detective Bosch from harrassment by intrusive fans?


One response to “Harry Bosch Sites II

  1. It’s called artistic license… ;o)

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