Harry Bosch LA Sites I

The food is actually pretty yummy.

One of the most entertaining features of Michael Connelly‘s series of Harry Bosch police novels is their built-in travelogue of the Los Angeles area. I guess he doesn’t live here any more, but he did for a while, and, like James Joyce painstakingly constructing Leopold Bloom’s Dublin from a distance, Connelly sticks close to LA’s geographical reality. As the opportunities present themselves we’ll get pictures of the places that supply the background to Detective Bosch’s hithering. Also his thithering.

Look up, reader, and admire the Studio City restaurant where — in The Brass Verdict (2008) — Bosch’s half-brother Mickey Haller takes his kid on one of their daddy-daughter days. Dupar’s, as promised by Connelly, is really and truly sitting right there on Ventura near hippy-dippy Laurel Canyon Blvd, serving up breakfast every second of the day and night for all eternity. Dupar’s is whatever the opposite of groovy is, and all the groovier for it.

The Brass Verdict By Michael Connelly
(Little Brown and Company, Hardcover, 422pp.)


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