The Day of the Jackal (1973)

The trigger has its own little slot in the foam rubber.

All the little, concealable part screw together.

Did the gunsmith really think the Jackal would let him live?

The rope around the tree is his makeshift gunrest.

The hollow point is filled with mercury!!!!

Jackal bought a melon, painted a face on it, then hung it from a branch.

The special rifle holds only one cartridge. It has no magazine.

Ready... Aim...


Hokey Smoke! There goes the melon!

Guess that's what mercury filled bullets do. Geez.

Jackal didn't go to all this trouble to shoot melons did he...?

Don't worry. De Gaulle lives.

Also available as arguably the first and (I think) the best of the modern techno-thriller novels:
The Day of the Jackal by the Master, Frederick Forsyth
(Bantam Books, Mass Market Paperback, 384 plausible pages)


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