Last Visit to Graceland

The final resting place of 19th century Chicago real estate mogul, Potter Palmer, and his wife, Bertha née Honoré, must be well insulated now under its crisp new blanket of snow. Location! Location! Location!Six inches according to the weather reports. Just enough to make you wish it were half again as much so everything would shut down.

California is causing our once highly developed snow shovel muscles to atrophy. Temps were in the 80s here on Mulholland Drive today, though the evening cool calls for light sweaters.

Before we left the Chicago area we gave away our snowblower. So far that seems to have been the smart move. If we ever need to dig anything it will be the rubble following a 7.1 on the Richter Scale, and for that we’ll need a John Deere excavator.

And then won’t Mr. and Mrs. Palmer have a good laugh!

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