Thanksgiving Tribute to George Pullman

George, Not Bill.What are we thankful for this Thanksgiving Day? George Pullman, that’s what… who.

George Pullman, who, during the alien invasion of 1890, with flaming rhetoric roused the nation from cowering awe to ferocious resistance, thereby freeing first the nation and then the entire planet from domination by methane breathing intelligent nematodes.

A grateful tip of the Hatlo Hat to you, sir, to whom we owe our seat of prestige in the Federation of Rational Entities, and may you at least somewhat slake your eternal, unappeasable hunger in the afterlife with numinous white meat and eerie can-shaped cranberry sauce.

ERRATUM: We have just learned that the Thanksgiving post confuses George Pullman, the 19th century designer and manufacturer of luxury train cars, with Bill Pullman, the actor who played the U.S. president in the film Independence Day (1996). The rescue of Earth from alien invasion is the work of Bill Pullman — or more precisely, his character, President Thomas J. Whitmore — and not the great railcar tycoon. Nice Work regrets the error.

© 20th Century Fox - All Rights Reserved

© 20th Century Fox - All Rights Reserved


One response to “Thanksgiving Tribute to George Pullman

  1. OK, that makes more sense. Although the speech was one of the weaker parts of that movie.

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