Las Virgenes View Park

I’ll know I’m an acclimated Californian when the hiking trails classified as “easy” on trail guides are easy. Valer-ah ha ha ha ha haThis morning I hoofed it up the winding trail of Las Virgenes View Park, partly because it is at the intersection of Mulholland Highway and Las Virgenes Road where a standoff with a despondent gunman takes place in Connelly’s The Brass Verdict and I hoped to gather any fictional rifle shells left unrecovered by CSI Malibu. Mostly I just wanted to burn a few calories and look down at the Whos in Whoville. Okay, I suppose the trail was “easy” in that I didn’t need caribiners, crampons, belays, pitons, ice axes or bottled oxygen, but it was exercise aplenty for this flatlander: 4.8 miles round trip, rising 500 feet from the trailhead.

When I reached the highest point on the trail (indicated by the pointing hand in the graphic above) I enjoyed 360° of Santa Monica viewing. One view, due east, caught my attention. Raising my binoculars to my — well, where do you suppose? — I stared smugly across the canyons and ridges at my old defeated challenger: Calabasas Peak. (See binocular view insert.) Ha!

But I dared not gloat. Turning 180° I trained my binocs due west and knew another peak had thrown down the gauntlet:



2 responses to “Las Virgenes View Park

  1. I was just up this trail today, and I gazed upon Calabasas Peak with the same satisfaction. Of course, I was also able to gaze upon your new nemesis with the same satisfaction. For future reference, the mountain is Ladyface. But watch out, unlike Calabasas or Sandstone, Ladyface is rough to get up to. I didn’t need equipment, but I did have to use my hands to pull me up in a few very steep, rocky places.

  2. Where’s the trailhead for Ladyface?

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