Huntington Library ‘n’ Botanical Gardens

While L.A. burned we ventured into the dim, orange-colored daylight to see if we could escape the ash by heading west towards Pasadena.

We could not. Pasadena was even more beshrouded with smoke and soot than our little portion of the Valley.

Oh well. We continued on to our final destination anyhow: Pasadena’s southern neighbor, San Marino, where we coughed up (figuratively) fifty bucks so that two adults and one student could march about the grounds of the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens.

The Garden PathThe Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens extends over [very large number] acres and is home to [very large number] species of plants. Visitors can stroll along [very large number] miles of paths through [very large number] gardens. The Gallery contains [very large number] paintings, sculptures and items of antique furniture. The library contains [very large number] original manuscripts and rare printed volumes, including a copy of the Gutenberg Bible.

See the picture above? The dramatic aerial perspective is provided courtesy of the enormous wildfire eating its way through Yorba Linda and Anaheim, 35 miles to the south.

Our plan for the weekend had been to hike ourselves into exhaustion —  first in the mountains, next in the Getty Museum, and finally on the grounds of the Huntington — all part of the Master Plan to Achieve Mighty California Legs. We stubbornly stuck with that plan, too, despite the challenging mixture of normal breathing air and incinerated neighborhoods, though maybe we stopped for refreshment a bit earlier than on a non-conflagration weekend.

Please be assured, we did NOT climb or play on the trees.

Do not laugh or sing, either.


One response to “Huntington Library ‘n’ Botanical Gardens

  1. Didn’t climb or play on tree, eh?


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