The Talkies Come to Nice Work: Zohan

Just don't.You Don’t Mess With the Zohan sets the record for the fastest we’ve ever bailed out of an Adam Sandler movie.

We would like to like Adam Sandler. He seems to be a funny fellow. The trailer for this, his most recent comedy, made us laff ‘n’ laff. But by renting Zohan we put ourselves in the role of Charlie Brown trusting once again in Lucy to hold the football for him, and we fell with a thud.

We should have known better. There was a clear pattern. We made it through maybe 45 minutes of The Wedding Singer; through twenty or so of The Waterboy. The one about the firemen who pretend to be gay took only about ten minutes before we abruptly changed our evening’s entertainment — to some old Friends episodes, I think. But Zohan wins the Instant Aversion prize. We couldn’t have watched three minutes before we were certain the film was too stupid to be enjoyed without having previously suffered a major head trauma.

It was too awful to even watch so much of it as would have been necessary to capture a frame to illustrate this post. All I could bear was to photograph the Netflix envelope. If you are wise you will let this be as close as you get to it.

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