Who Was That Masked Man? Who Cares? UPDATED

Keep those yard signs. Bottom halves, anyways.

UPDATE of sorts: Many readers are all het up and vocal about how they don’t “get” the photomanip above. Okay, I admit it: that particular bad falls within my area of responsibility. So I will explain. An earlier post on this “web log” featured a picture — the very picture reused above for the “Kimo Sabe” gag — of John Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel, the heroes of an old British television program, The Avengers, on which I had overlaid a McCain/Palin logo lifted from their campaign site. I drew a comparison (flattering for McCain) between McCain and the debonair, late middle-aged Steed, and between Sarah Palin and the lovely but deadly Mrs. Peel. But why describe it in words when I can so easily link to it thusly:

Oh, but see: now it has been changed to reflect my opinion that McCain is a has-been and Sarah Palin is the future. Steed’s word balloon contains a variation of the catch-phrase used in the old Avengers television show: “Mrs. Peel, we’re needed.” The reply in Palin’s word balloon is adapted from an old joke about the fictitious cowboy heroes of radio and television, the Lone Ranger and Tonto. The “Lone Ranger” was an erstwhile Texas Ranger who meted out rough justice in the southwest United States during the latter half of the 19th century. He wore a mask to conceal his identity because the justice-meting-out was performed outside normal legal channels. Tonto was his “faithful Indian companion.” Mr. Tonto would often address Mr. Ranger as “Kimo Sabe” (I’m guessing at the spelling; it’s pronounced “KEE-mo SAH-bay”) which was evidently a term of respect or friendship in whatever language he was supposed to speak other than his usual ungrammatical English. In the joke, the two of them are surrounded and about to be killed by hostile Indians — presumably friends or fellow tribesmen of Mr. Tonto. Mr. Ranger turns to Mr. Tonto in despair and says something like, “Well, old friend, it certainly appears we won’t survive this battle.” Mr. Tonto, perceiving that his life depends upon a prompt return to his rich Native American roots —  a return requiring the abandonment of Mr. Ranger, a Caucasian — sardonically replies, “What you mean ‘We?'”

Get it? Good. Actually, now that I look at it again, I don’t think the allusion is perfectly apt. Sarah Palin, after all, has not abandoned McCain. Quite the reverse: McCain’s doltish handlers are trying to fob off the blame for their catastrophic failure on the only good thing about their campaign: the selection of Sarah Palin as VP candidate. What I meant to imply is that I hope the Republican Party (not Sarah) has the sense to abandon McCain and return to its roots — as represented by Palin.


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